Next STEM-Fem Alliance Meeting: This Thursday!

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather. The next STEM-Fem Alliance meet-up will be this Thursday, March 19th from 5-6 at Murphy’s Pub. Come join us!


STEM-Fem Alliance


Why It Matters

We have some exiting projects in the works (more on that soon). All touch on diversity in STEM fields. We have been hard at work on our various research projects as well (after all, that’s what we’re here for). In the spirit of this, here is a TED Talk by George Cham (yes, THE Gorge Cham), as he explains one reason improving diversity in STEM fields is something we all should care about. Enjoy…

Hmmm… Maybe we should start putting some profiles up.

Quick Recap: February 8th 2015


This week we had our first STEM-Fem Alliance meeting of the semester at the Women’s Resource Center. Discussions included talk about how to promote the enrollment and success of underrepresented women in STEM fields, and how to spread the word about our organization. The meeting was replete with good fun and interesting conversation.


STEM-Fem Alliance

First Meeting of the Year!

We will have the first STEM-Fem meeting of the new year this Friday, on Feb. 6th at 6PM at the Women’s Resource Center. Join us to discuss the goals we set last semester and some exciting plans for this semester. If you can’t make it, stop by for a social hour at Murphy’s afterwords. Cheers!

Next STEM-Fem Alliance Meeting
Friday February 6th, 6:00 PM -7:00 PM
Women’s Resource Center Lounge Space
703 South Wright Street, 2nd Floor
Champaign, IL 61820

Happy New Year, It’s 2015!

Last month, we had a lovely event to wrap up 2014, the STEM-Fem Alliance Self Care and Recipe Share. We shared food, recipes, and tried out some (mostly tasty) DIY skin care products. A few WIS officers even joined in the fun (so much fun, that we forgot to take pictures while they were there). It was a nice opportunity to meet new people, catch up with buddies and unwind at the end of a busy semester. We would like to thank Women’s Resource Center for providing the space to do this!


Last fall, we started The STEM-Fem Alliance, became an official Registered Student Organization, and held our first official meeting and event. Perhaps most importantly, we created a growing network of supportive academics with diverse talents and experiences. It has been an exciting ride, and we are even more excited about our plans for this new year.

We will be posting more about that soon. If you want to stay updated, keep clicking in and consider joining our mailing list.

Happy 2015!

Getting off the Ground!

We have been off to an exciting start these past few weeks. STEM-Fem Alliance now has official status as a registered student organization, we have also had our first official meeting, and we are getting ready to host our next event one week from now.

photo 4

At the first meeting, we watched excerpts of an interesting video in which women scientists were asked to speak about the role of women in science over the past several decades. This led to some interesting discussions on how attitudes about women and underrepresented populations within the sciences affect and parallel various attitudes about them in other spheres of life.

We also talked about our plans for the next semester. We are now thinking about future meetings, collaborating with other groups, organizing speaking events, and workshops, among other things. There is also potential interest in outreach activities to encourage young burgeoning scientists and enthusiasts.  In addition, a few members collaborated with BGSA to raise funds for STEM-Fem by volunteering at the football games. We will send email soliciting help for upcoming volunteering opportunities (wrestling, basketball).

In other exciting news, we are planing an end of the semester self care & recipe share, to help sooth away some of the end semester stress, make fun connections, and start getting into a festive spirit. See the details of the event below!

We are looking forward to meeting more people as we grow and to finding out where these early discussions will lead.


Self Care and Recipe Share

When: Friday December 5th, 6:00 PM -7:15 PM

Where: Women’s Resource Center Lounge Space

703 South Wright Street, 2nd Floor

Champaign, IL 61820

The semester is wrapping up and winter will soon be upon us! STEM-Fem Alliance invites you to unwind and enjoy some light refreshments, make and try out homemade body care products, and share your favorite yummy recipes (particularly anything that’s fast, cheap, and healthy). We will meet at the Women’s Center this Friday, December 5th at 6PM. Please join us for the festivities!

When: Friday December 5th, 6:00 PM -7:15 PM

Where: Women’s Resource Center Lounge Space

703 South Wright Street, 2nd Floor

Champaign, IL 61820


STEM-Fem Alliance